More than an agency, a talent community.
Each and every project has its own personality,
Leo is here to make it happen.

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What is an "emotion designer"

An emotion designer is a individual who is passionate about aesthetics and experience immersion. One who desire to share his passion and put it to good use to his entourage. Whether it may be through the creation of environements, the control of time or the awakening of senses, evoking emotions is their mission.


Emotions as the epicenter

Acting as genuine human radars, emotions dictate perceptions and are the main engine of mobilization. Those are the emotions which, by adding them up, allow us to inspire strong and durable feelings.


A community of talents

More than a mere company, Leo act as platform, a community for all of those emotion designers. With pertnerships as a foundation, Leo assemble the most efficient teams of designers by assuring the skillsets of all individuals compliment each other in the more efficient way.

Our Expertise


Strategic & Creative


Sensitive & Powerful


Efficient & Human


Turnkey solutions

Leo offers a myriad of talented individual who knows how to satisfy all your needs. From strategic conceptualization to management and coordination, the team of emotion designers will walk alongside you from start to end to maximize the impact and economic benefits of your enterprise.


Leo's mastery of time and environement design enable the conception of innovative and striking activities that consolidate the privileged relationship between your brand and your clients, or employees.


Mike Johnson

Because a message full of emotions is a strong and meaningful one, our designers and strategists will conceptualize your different projects so that they can impress your potential clients : engraved their memories and develop real ambassadors for your brand.
From the strategy of communications to the experience itself, every single aspect is forethought around you and your objectives.

Launches & activations
Showrooms, private or public sales fair
Any other kinds of promotional events


Mike Johnson

Emotions is what unite humans togheter. That's why we use each moment and space to the benefit of all your employees, so strong bound between themselves and the brand can be forged.

Office party
Mobilization activities
Any other kinds of in-house events


More than a simple decor, Leo masters emplacements and transpose your emotional identity in every project. Ensuring unique experiences that translate who you are and will tap into the very hearts and soul of your targeted audience.

Commercial Design

Mike Johnson

Your sales environment is the last contact with your potential clients. Our emotion designers will use the identity of your brand and reflect it through their designs to appeal to your desired customer base. Understanding the consumer and its movement is the key to area optimization.

Stores & retail space
Restaurants & bars
Showrooms & offices
Any other commercial projects

Event Design

Mike Johnson

As genuine environment design, our emotional designers creates and realize all kinds of project in order to transpose you to a unique atmosphere.

Lodges & sponsor zone
Immersive environments
Custom decorations
Seasonal design

We are designers
We are planners
We are artists
We are craftmens
We are creators

— LEO —

Some Clients


"(...) It’s always a pleasure to work with LEO Emotion Designers, which demonstrates a professionalism and attention to detail that we have not found anywhere else.
- Alexandre Kita, Marketing Manager LACOSTE Canada

"(...) Quick correspondence, quality service responsive to our needs that meets all our requirements, that is what you can expect from LEO Emotion Designers when you use its services! (...) "
- Angelo Iacono, Member of the Federal Parliament

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